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New Life has been extremely pleased with the quality of work and customer service provided by Arche Designs. Arche has been a tremendous partner exceeding our expectations in helping us to further drive our message with clarity into the consciousness of those we desire to touch.
Nika White
Marketing Director
New Life of Excellence Ministry
Spartanburg, SC

About Us

About Us page quote Arche Designs is an innovative company based out of South Carolina that specializes in Professional Website Development and Small Business Solutions. We founded this company in January 2003 on the premise of providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. By forming this company, we have merged together a wealth of knowledge in the field of web/graphic design and computer technology to provide a powerful medium in both website development and strategic business solutions. Our mission is really a simple one. We invest the time to find out what our clients need and exhaust all of our resources to meet and exceed those needs.

We have committed ourselves to providing the highest quality service through extensive collaboration and communication in each step of the web development and design process. Our team specializes in custom website design and hosting, database development, and computer retail. Our development process is the foundation of what we do. It ensures your project will be completed on time and within your budget. It also guarantees that your website will meet your objectives and viewers expectations.

What We Offer

Below is a quick reference to all of the services that we can provide for your business or organization.
Custom Website Development Custom Website Development Online Store Development Online Store Development
Development of Database Driven Website Development of Database Driven Website Ecommerce Solutions Ecommerce Solutions
Website Maintainance Website Maintainance Domain / Hosting Services Domain / Hosting Services
Website Redesign Website Redesign Content Management Systems (CMS) Content Management Systems (CMS)
Website Interactivity Website Interactivity Quality Customer Service(CMS) Quality Customer Service

The Arche Process

The Arche Process is the foundation of what we do. Our process ensures your project will be completed on time and within your budget. It also guarantees that your website will meet your objectives and viewers expectations.

Background Research
During the initial phase of the project, we will get to know you, the information and products that you will present on your website. We will study your marketing objectives, primary, secondary and tertiary markets and any factors that will affect your sales and services.

Strategic Planning
When you feel comfortable with the feel we have for your business, we will develop a plan and site map for your project. The plan will include how your products will apply on the Internet, through graphics, features and functionality. Also within the plan, we will recommend options to enhance your customer experience on the website and achieve your goals. Finally, we will create a site map, explaining all the pages your website and navigation.

Creative Development
Once the site map and strategic plans are approved, we will start creating a web presence. A graphic concept will be presented for your approval. During this process, we insist that you communicate your visual likes and dislikes. Once we have a graphical interface that meets you approval, the next step is innovative production.

Innovative Production
Utilizing our programming and computer engineering experience, we transform the approved concept and graphical interface into a final product. We create the website for maximum functionality on all platforms including Internet Explorer, FireFox and Netscape Navigator. When we are completely satisfied with the website we will publish it to the Internet.

Customer Service
Unlike the previous process phases, customer service is an ongoing and important part of the project. We will always be available to communicate your needs, goals and other opportunities to enhance your online presence.