Case Studies: Lyrical Atonement 

Toney Robinson(Lyrical Atonement) is a writer and performer who pushes past the boundaries of spoken word. He has written over 100 poems dealing with many life issues. The thing that they all have in common is that they're rooted in the WORD of GOD.

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Client Objectives:

Our client wanted to have a web presence that would introduce the artist to a larger audience and provide a vehicle to showcase their products. They were also looking to brand the artist with a unifying look across web and print media.

Solution Offered

A website was developed for Lyrical Atonement that was visually appealing and structured to give website visitors and insight to who Lyrical Atonement is. The straight-forward navigation and overall functionality help to make the website a success.

On the back-end, the content management system allows the website administrator to update the information on any page in real-time. Additionally the administrator has the ability to upload and categorize pdf versions of his poems on the fly.

In addition to the website a number of printed pieces were developed as well. We created post cards, business cards, and developed a logo to enhance the Lyrical Atonement brand. Lastly, we developed the artwork for his CD Project which consisted on the CD insert, tray card and label.

Services Performed

  • Original Concept and Development
  • Html, PHP, CSS and Javascript
  • MySQL database
  • Customized Content Management System
  • Developed Brand Identity using unifying theme for website, postcard, business cards, and CD.