Case Studies: ERay Promotions 

ERay Promotions is a South Carolina based concert promotion company that is committed to offering the best in Gospel music, while giving away scholarships for deserving youth and launching the music career of a local resident.

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Client Objectives:

ERay Promotions wanted their web presence to be focused on providing information about their services as well as the programs that they have to offer. They wanted their website to "standout" and be visually appealing as well as being open and easy to navigate. Lastly the client wanted all of their printed marketing material to reflect the overall tone of the website.

ERay Promotions wanted their web presence to be focused on providing a central point for potential concert goers gather information about the annual concert. It was important that the website be attractive, easy to navigate and functional. ERay Promotions also requested several artwork components to aid in the promotion of the annual concert

Solution Offered

A website was developed for ERay Promotions that allowed visitors to easily access concert information. The website is presented in a structured and inviting format while being highly functional. The website was constucted to be easily expandable allowing for sponsor advertisements and content additions on the fly. A content management system was developed to allow the website administrator to easily add event information and manage particular areas of the website.

Posters, flyers, postcards and booklets were developed with a unifying theme to brand the conert annually.

Services Performed

  • Original Concept and Development
  • Html, PHP, CSS and Javascript
  • MySQL Database
  • Customized Content Management System
  • Macromedia Flash Implementation
  • Expanded existing brand identity using unifying theme for website, brochures, postcards, etc...